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These records, still a bit inconsistent early on, are found at the court, and for Cuyahoga County, at the County Archives.

The city of Cleveland also had Return of Birth records, made out by the midwife or physician at the time of the birth and turned in to the health department. These little slips are the most original primary birth records available for the time period. From these, a register was created, many of which are typed.

The county archives has all these registers and the returns of birth as well. They are on microfilm and have been put on FamilySearch. On December 20, these recordings became the duty of the health departments.

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Certificates were done where the birth occurred and there are multiple health departments in the county. A copy was then made for the state Department of Health.

Delayed and Corrected births are done in the Probate Court. A large number of these were done during World War II when people working in industries supplying the military and war effort needed security clearance and a birth certificate was required. Applications were often accompanied by affidavits from midwives or relatives who knew of the person's birth. The images of all of these are also here.

You can browse the images here.

These are the records that are housed at the Cuyahoga County Archives. Note for those researching adopted individuals - If you have a birth date for the individual who was put up for adoption, you can browse through the birth returns for that date and pay close attention as you just click through the returns for that entire date. Sometimes, at the end of the returns that have names on them, there are birth returns that have no name at all.

I found the birth record of one of my adopted out relatives using this method. It also includes the County Record of Births No images are available here. It is searchable and browseable. This is a good second indexing option. The Cuyahoga County Archives - the images that appear at the site above are housed at the Cuyahoga County Archive if you'd prefer to visit in person. Or, you can email them to receive copies as well. Once you are on the Fold 3 page, on the far right click Browse and then choose Vital Records, then Cuyahoga County Birth Returns, then choose a year, and then the letter of the last name you are interested in.

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Uncertified copies no longer available. SASE required. Ask for the original, long, genealogy form rather than the transcribed computerized version. Cleveland also requires you to have the exact birth date, place, and name or they will not issue it. They also require a photo ID in person. Certified copies of divorce records are available from the Clerk of Common Pleas in the county where the divorce was granted.

Cuyahoga County, OH Vital Records

County Index : Adams. Elyria City. Lorain City. Van Wert.

Cuyahoga County Probate Court

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