How long does a criminal background check take


  1. How Far Back Does a Background Check Go? (2018 Version)
  2. What you should know first
  3. Why Is It Important to Complete a Background Check Quickly?
  4. How Long Does a Background Check Take?

How Far Back Does a Background Check Go? (2018 Version)

Many searches simply require the company to enter the relevant information into a database, yielding instant results. However, most services take longer due to the need for a live record search. A few services require a combination of database and live searches and some take a more unique approach. Business Personal Resellers. Learning Center.

What you should know first

How long do background checks take? An important factor to consider is which company you choose. A company that has an interface with a county will take less time to search that court than a company that has to send someone to the physical courthouse.

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Then you have to consider where you are requesting the information from. Records from a Department of Motor Vehicles can be accessed instantly in many states, but can take three days in others. Please complete this form with accurate information and as much detail as you are able to provide. It is helpful, although not required, for you to have a copy of your background report to ensure you address any and all of the items you would like to dispute.

A dispute is any challenge or claim that information on the background check report is inaccurate or incomplete. How do I dispute information found on my background check report? Click on the "File a Dispute" link above to start the dispute request process. Someone from our Dispute Department will reach out to help you complete your dispute request. You may contact our Client Services Team at At the end of the investigation process, a representative from our Dispute Department will contact you regarding the results of your dispute.

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How long does it take to complete a dispute? Each dispute is handled as a case-by-case scenario, so the completion time will vary. It is hard to give a timeframe, but each dispute is expedited to the best of our ability and will be completed within the allotted time regulated by the FCRA. However, it usually just takes a couple of weeks on average.

Will the dispute put a hold or delay the hiring process? Each potential employer has their own hiring policies and you will need to contact them directly to find more information. How do I notify my potential employer of my dispute?

Why Do Some Background Checks Take So Long?

Accurate Background will notify your potential employer the company who requested your background check that you have initiated a dispute regarding information on your background check report. You may also contact them directly to make them aware of your dispute. Accurate Background will investigate all the items in question by contacting the source of the disputed information. The investigation process is usually concluded within 30 days from the date we received your dispute.

When this process is complete, Accurate Background will notify you and the company who requested the background check of the investigation results. Who do you contact to process my dispute? Accurate Background will contact the source of the disputed information. For example, we will contact the appropriate court if your dispute pertains to criminal search results; and we will contact your past employer if your dispute pertains to employment verification results.

Why Is It Important to Complete a Background Check Quickly?

What if I submit more than one dispute at the same time? We will investigate all of the items in question during the same time period. At the end of the investigation, you and your potential employer will be notified of the results.

How Long do Background Checks Take? - Ask A Private Investigator Show

Can someone else file a dispute on my behalf? We strongly recommend that you file your own dispute. However, your attorney or potential employer may, with your authorization, file a dispute on your behalf. We will contact you directly if additional information is needed to initiate the investigation. If your dispute is submitted by your attorney, we will need you to provide us with a letter stating that you authorize us to discuss your dispute with your attorney. If you believe there was an error on your background check report, you may file a dispute.

Please provide as much detail as possible.

How Long Does a Background Check Take?

How safe is my information? Accurate Background has policies, procedures and processes in place to ensure the security of your information. We employ the highest level of encryption available for data protection and all personally identifiable information is masked internally as well as externally when provided to the company who requested the background check on you. You may log in to MyPortal at any time to check the status of your background check. Please include your full name and the search reference ID, if available.