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I see server list all with 1. LOLLO Is it still Worth to buy it for the Multiplayer? Cant wait till this game dies. Yes i can;t wait because all you pure folk that cant accept new games need to forget about this old gem for a bit and come play remastered version or something else. Would love to play something other than this. See More Content. No more content.

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All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. After the player snipes the machine gunner, the player should drop into the courtyard and enter the greenhouse on his left. Ascend the staircase inside to find intel. Right after the player uses the Javelin to take out the second tank, the player should look for a bus on the left side of the bridge.

The intel is inside. The player will follow Soap into a hotel lobby and be told to wait. The player can find intel on the counter. After the player steps outside, the player will climb some stone steps and enter another room where several enemies will be waiting. Clear out the courtyard and follow Price up the steps to the second level. Head for the southernmost building to find this intel on a small crate.

Modern Warfare® Initial Intel: Detailing Advancements in Animation and Authenticity

When the player enters the building at the start of the chapter, go up the stairs and turn right. Clear the office of enemies, then check the first desk along the windows to the player's left. After the player destroys the tanks with the A Thunderbolt , but before the player rappels down the building, check the fence along the east side of the roof. There is a piece of intel on the other side, facing away from the player, so it may be hard to spot.

If the player is facing the back of the giant blue Reisdorf sign, turn to the right and walk towards the red and white tower next to the Reisdorf sign. STOP at the top of the short flight of stairs, turn to the player's left. The Intel should be right there facing away from the player.

After the player rappels, head down the street towards the player's objective. The player will notice a bookstore on his right. The player should enter the store and check the counter for this Intel. As soon as the friendly tanks roll in, turn right down the street and enter the first building on the player's left.

Call Of Duty 4* Settings

The Intel is inside. Check under the stairs on a couch for this intel.

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When the player gets to the large room with the high catwalks, look for an office on the left side. The Intel is on a file cabinet in that office. Right after the player breaches the room to rescue the president, turn around and round the corner to find Intel on top of a barrel. After the player reaches the top of the right escalator, you must turn around and go the back of the 2nd floor. It will be sitting on top of a bar counter to the left near a group of civilians. Look for a room with a Poker table, after the player leaves the elevator. It should be sitting on a poker table.

It should be sitting on a table. There are 33 pieces of Intel in the game. The flashback missions' intel reuse the intel skin from the first game and the modern missions use a new skin. The intels do not provide any information like Black Ops ; however, each mission has a challenge that requires players to collect all three pieces of intel. Intel 1: There will be an upturned buffel to the right after Mason gets off his own buffel. The Intel is in a crater to the right of it.

Intel 3: There will be several watchtowers at the end of the level. Just before the waterfall, there will be two watchtowers on the right side. The Intel is found on the rightmost one. Intel 1: Once you fight your way up the hill, the player will come to a helipad.

Stay to the left on the helipad following the wall. The intel is sitting on a desk. Intel 3: After the player frees Erik from the box and defeat the intruders, there is a room opposite the room that contains the Celerium. The intel is in here. The intel is right against the wall.

Intel Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Promotion

Intel 2: While back riding on the player's horse, there is a large pointy rock formation, with a red flag around the bottom of it. The intel is next to the flag. Intel 3: After fighting off the enemies inside of the weapon cache, cross the near by bridge and there is another cave containing the third piece of intel.

Intel 1: Go to the end of the barn filled with horses. There will be a wagon filled with hay on the right. The intel is in the back of the wagon. Intel 2: While attacking the mansion, there is a bell tower on the right. Climb up two ladders and the intel is on this floor. Intel 3: While inside of the cocaine room follow the left side of the room, the intel is sitting on a bench.

Intel 1: Inside the starting room, look across to the right, and the intel is sitting on some shelves. Intel 2: After the player dodges the bus and enter the side alley, there is a small alleyway on the right with an ammo crate. The intel can be seen next to the crate. Intel 3: Once the player sneaks past the patrolling drones, the intel is laying in some rubble straight ahead. Intel 2: Once inside the mall, there is a store called d'HO.

The intel is on the counter in the back of the store. Intel 3: After passing the inside of the mall, the player will enter into a large open area with various rocks and trees. Following the right side of the map, the intel is on the far side of a desk, somewhat close to the final set of stairs.

Intel 1: After the player drops down from the catwalk, the player will come across a staircase that goes down. To the left of the staircase is a bunch or shelves. Intel 2: While escorting Noriega through the slums, near a red building labeled "Gran Fans Herramientas" and a church, there is a building with a hole blown in the side. The intel is inside of the building.

Intel 3: When inside the clinic, follow down the hallway straight ahead. The intel is on a table. Intel 1: In the courtyard at the beginning, on the right side is a staircase into a small tower. The intel is up the first flight of stairs. Intel 2: Once the player switches characters, the player will follow an alley way, and be told to take the left path. There is a building with a enemy shooting from the window. The intel is in this room behind some crates.

Intel 3: Once out of the town and following the cliffside, there is a white building. The intel is on the roof of this building.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Intel Reward Unlocks

Before going down to the hangar, there is a room full of computers, and a staircase to the right. The intel is up the staircase on a table. Intel 3: While on the deck, stay on the right side.