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  4. 1. Indoor and Outdoor Units are Designed to Operate as a Set.
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Prestons will give you good data on units prior to Worth the cost if you work in the replacement market. I wouldn't worry as much about replacement windows changing the loads as I would the potential to improve performance by fixing the duct system. Correct sizing, correct construction, and sealing.

If you are investing K for a new HVAC unit - another K for an effective distribution system is very reasonable.

Lennox Air Conditioners Reviewed

It will do more for comfort than a round of replacement windows that cost more. John Proctor. Allison - nice topic, which as you know leads to others.

First the SEER 13 designation. The prefix designation applies to the whole family series of air conditioners from a 1.

Model Numbers Explained

In the case of 13 it probably designates the lowest SEER in the group. If it is a higher number however, the 16 to 30 rating probably only applies to the smallest and most efficient unit. The SEER rating applies to specific combinations of the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. See: ahridirectory. It depends a lot on the ducts and whether the unit is a single speed machine or has more speeds.

I sincerely hope to question the argument that short AC cycles shorten its life. My system appears set to 3 cycles per hour, controlled by a setting in the thermostat. On hot days, near design conditions, 3 cycles per hour.

Serial Number on the Air-conditioner

On mild days when all systems are oversized , 3 cycles per hour. This is with Honeywell thermostats which are exceedingly common. I submit you are arguing from what "everybody knows" rather than valid research. I heartily agree with right sizing equipment and trying to obtain long run times for efficient operation and good humidity removal.

Air Conditioner – How to Find the Model Number

Just cannot see that system life is affected. Thank you for publishing this series and considering this matter. David Butler. Nominal SEER ratings can be very misleading. Johnson, cycle settings affect the minimum run-time at part-load conditions. They have little to no affect if AC needs to run longer than the minimum to satisfy the set-point. Selecting a longer minimum run-time fewer cycles per hour trades off against tighter temperature control when load is significantly less than capacity.

However, if AC is properly sized, a good thermostat should be able to maintain the local temp well within 1 degree F under all load conditions. How well it can maintain perimeter temps depends on house and duct system.

1. Indoor and Outdoor Units are Designed to Operate as a Set.

The cycles per hour matter: I still think this probably has no measurable effect on system life. To say short cycling "wears equipment out quicker" is a perfectly good hypothesis, but a hypothesis needs some kind of experiment to report that as truth. Another perfectly good hypothesis is "longer run times wear it out quicker", which at least has some intuition in its favor.

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See our Winners. Assess Your Home Ask yourself some important questions.

How Can You Decode the Model Number on Air Conditioners?

Choose a System Your local dealer will help you determine the best system for your home, provide valuable information on any possible promotions and rebates, and then handle installation. How to buy a system. Browse Air Conditioners. Why invest in a new system? Window Air Conditioning Systems are typically installed in an open window and usually connect to power with a V or possibly V power cord.

Air Conditioning Resources for HVAC Contractors

As these systems usually have an integrated thermostat, they are incompatible with Insteon Thermostat. Mini-Split or ductless systems place one or several indoor units in your home that connect to an outdoor compressor.

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These systems usually operate as a heat pump. Most mini-split systems are usually supplied with a proprietary, integrated thermostat and as such, are incompatible with Insteon Thermostat. If your system offers an adapter to connect 3rd-party 24V thermostats, it may be compatible with Insteon Thermostat for Heat Pumps. Most standard central air conditioning systems consist of an indoor air handler and furnace as well as an outdoor compressor. Small vent registers are located throughout the home with ducting returning to the central air handler.

As these systems can vary greatly, it is best to inspect the wires connected to your existing thermostat. The colors of wires in your home may vary. If you are still uncertain, search for the brand and model number of the large condenser unit outside on the internet. Portable units can be moved from room to room and usually connect to power with a V or possibly V power cord. Direct-vent millivolt heaters are usually older single-room systems that are controlled by a 2-wire or battery-powered thermostat.