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That is very impressive. Despite San Francisco having a multi billion dollar budget, there is a lot of inefficiency. Quite some lucky savings!

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You find a lot of property record inaccuracies in Miami. Did the SF Assessor not update your property assessment following the renovation? Can you elaborate on the question and maybe use yourself as an example? SF assessor said in they have a year backlog in updating 3R reports. Hooray for government waste!

Sure — years ago we added a 2nd floor to our home in El Cerrito — permitted of course! It could also just be that the City is woefully poorly managed, which may be the more likely explanation given what I observe day to day…. If you buy a brand new remodel and fixer you pay full price. Portland seems to be very diligent about taxing homeowners. We got a new metal roof 5 years ago. I think they did a surprise inspection the following year and increased our property tax because of that.

With the effect of global warming, raising seawater level in the coming years, SF should be spared but NYC, HK, probably London will certainly be impacted, I just cannot say to what extent economically. And I just realized all these 3 cities are global financial hubs!

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Just wondering if others have any general thoughts on this topic. I really cannot take the East Coast muggy Summers and the frigid winters. No heatwave yet. We have a late summer this year.

SMC's 12222-20 Property Assessment Roll Reaches Record High

Though we had been getting these really really bad downpours like water pouring out of a bucket last yrs, which we never used get while growing up. India got hit months ago as well I think. They have been moving non-business functions to mid-west for a good yrs now. Ah good to know! I also heard that in California that property taxes are locked in to when you bought the home but can reset when you sell or remodel. Apparently, my Mom still had an accrued balance in a teachers retirement account.

Ah, a silver lining! Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Sign up for the private Financial Samurai newsletter! Tweet Share Pin 5. Comments I live in Dallas where we have really high property taxes, somewhere between 2 and 2. Property tax is based on the price the seller pays. So everything is baked in. But maybe! How can the city penalize you for the city not doing their jobs?

Lol I literally spoke to a person on the phone to get my record straight in Outsource everything as much as possible to private companies. Texas is crazy high blue on property taxes, however, Texas does not have a state income tax. Yes, the intent is for assessors to use this information exactly as you would expect.

I ration that if I ever sell, the permits on my 3R report will mean something.

Still a big chunk of change. A 3R report is a mandatory part of a sale here in SF.

Frequently Asked Questions - Treasurer / Tax Collector - Stanislaus County

Makes sense. The craggy face of the Proposition 13 campaign was Howard Jarvis, who projected the image of a rumpled everyman but in fact was a lobbyist for apartment-house owners. Budgeting and spending authority drained away from local governments and school districts and into Sacramento. By , the ratio had more than reversed, with houses accounting for Income-producing apartment houses remained steady over time at about One reason for the shift is that determining a change in property ownership is a lot easier for houses than for business properties, which can bury their ownership terms within a maze of corporate fronts.

This sale-but-not-a-sale was discovered by San Francisco assessors in Then-Los Angeles Assessor Rick Auerbach questioned the assessments of clubs such as the Los Angeles, Brentwood and Bel-Air country clubs, arguing that over time their ownership effectively had changed hands through the buying and selling of memberships. Auerbach brought his case to the state Board of Equalization, the authority in such matters. Prang estimates that he would need to add to appraisers to his current cadre of appraisers to manage regular appraisals of L.

Each one would need a year of classroom training and another apprenticeship year in the field, plus perhaps three years more to gain the skills for commercial appraisals. Assessors also are critical of some of the tax breaks still offered in the initiative, presumably added to mollify small businesses.

Stone acknowledges that a split rate would leave the inequities of Proposition 13 in place. Notification July 17, Jaleen Lee.

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Column: A change to Proposition 13 that homeowners can get behind

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