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Coast Guard, to confirm that a boat's HIN is valid and to learn the boat's history. The HIN is a character number used to identify a boat in the same way a vehicle identification number identifies a car. The hull number is a mix of letters and numbers. Under federal regulations, you have to display the hull identification code in two different places on the boat hull. The primary HIN must be placed on the starboard outboard side of the transom near the top of the transom. If the boat doesn't have a transom, the first HIN must be attached to the starboard outboard side of the hull, aft, within 1 foot of the stern and close to the top of the hull side.

On catamarans and pontoon boats with hulls that are easily taken out and replaced , the primary HIN code should be attached to the aft crossbeam within 1 foot of the starboard hull attachment.

The second hull identification number must be placed in a protected location on the inside of the boat. It can also be placed under some hardware.

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You can learn quite a bit about the boat from the HIN if you know how to decode it. Each group of characters provides different information. There are three groups, the first three characters, the next five characters and the final four characters.

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The next group of five digits represent the boat's serial number that can contain information about the boat length. The final group of four characters gives you the certification year and model number of the boat. Of these, the first character tells you the month with A being January, B February, and so on , and the next character lets you know the last digit in the year the boat was certified. The final two digits of this give you the model year. For example, if the last group of four characters is A, it means that the boat was certified in January of with a model year of HIN Identification Help.

The last two digits are the year 88 for Shrew knows the rest and will chime in.

How to Identify Your Boat

Welcome aboard "Elgigantebo"!!!! City,State BVK PO BOX You should be able to call Bayliner Customer Care to have them verify the exact model. Best of luck. Shrew, Thank you for all of your insight and knowledge, it was a big help.

How old is my boat? - Your HIN number explained !

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Decoding the HIN

Not sure what that is. Sorry new to this. Need to get acquainted with terminology I went on google but cant seem to find what im looking for. It's the trifecta. A hijack. Brunswick Customer Support can help you with the exact model number.

What was provided for decoding the HIN is all that is available outside of Brunswick. You already have a post to address the ignition. Best of Luck. Originally Posted by shrew. Attached Thumbnails. If they disrespect you, still respect them.

Past Model Specs - Bayliner Boats

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