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How can you prove if a nova is a ss? - HCS Snowmobile Forums

These rivets are not reproduced legally, so you need to look to make sure the original rivets still hold the VIN plate. There are 13 positions on the VIN plate. These are the only two style codes for a Super Sport. You are fortunate if a 1 appears in position 7, because this is an Oshawa Canada built car, and you can obtain a history on the car by contacting GM of Canada.

1962-79 Chevy II & Nova VIN Decoder

These numbers can be valuable in cross checking with the pad on the engine for a match, signifying original motor. The trim tag or data plate holds some very important information. The trim tag is riveted to the top of the cowl on the driver's side.

We will read it from top to bottom, left to right, just like reading a book. The first line of the plate begins with ST or style- first two numbers will be 70 for the year-the next five should be either or for hardtop or convert- this is followed by assembly plant letter code, and finally sequential number of the body- this is not the same as the sequential number of the whole car in the VIN, so dont get nervous if they don't match. The second line begins with TR which is trim- this gives you a numeric trim combination and are as follows- ,black cloth bench;,black vinyl bench;, black vinyl buckets;,blue cloth bench;,blue vinyl bench; blue vinyl buckets;, saddle vinyl bench;, saddle vinyl buckets; green cloth bench;, green vinyl bench;, green vinyl buckets;, gold cloth bench;, gold vinyl buckets;, turquoise cloth bench;, ivory vinyl bench; , ivory vinyl buckets;, red vinyl bench; , red vinyl buckets.

On the far right is the PNT, or paint code. There are two sets of numbers, the first being the lower body code and the second the upper body or top code. On convertibles, the second code will be AA-white, or BB-black. The last line will have a three character body build date code. This date represents the final body assembly date, not the final assembly date of the complete car. The first numbers represent the build month Engine Identification Production Totals The engine code can appear in one of two places - on the pad just below the passenger side head or on a boss located on the block near the oil filter mounting.

Also, contrary to what you may hear, the small block engine was deleted from the SS option list from through There may have been some fluke orders, but standard factory engines in ,,,, and were big block only. All the big blocks in were made in Tonowanda, New York plant. Also, although still called , that engine received a. Without the original engine or some original paperwork, you're basically out of luck. All Novas came with the L48 4-bbl engine. Original paperwork is really the only way. In , any engine could be ordered in the Super Sport including the L6.

Because there was no "SS-only" engine, there is no way to verify it as real by the engine codes. All later had front discs standard but power assist was still optional I hope the above has helped someone determine a real SS or not. Below is a listing of the equipment that was part of the Super Sport package. The list does not include all equipment, just that which was in addition to or in place of standard equipment.

Please notice that things like bucket seats, floor console, floor shifter, gauge package and the in-dash tach were not part of the Super Sport package. Also note that the Super Sport package did not include front disc brakes but finned front drums. After , any available engine for the Nova was available with the Super Sport package including the L6 engine.

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For all intents and purposes, the Rally Nova was just a Super Sport with a different name and trim. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

That's How It's Done - Cowl and VIN Decode

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