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Teachers who find a position that is a good fit are more likely to have a long-term impact on students. In the NYC Department of Education, all hires are made with the mutual consent of both teachers and principals, rather than by central assignment. Teachers can choose a school that fits their teaching philosophy and, once certified, can flexibly transfer among schools year-to-year as their interests and circumstances change.

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While the NYC Teaching Fellows team will support you through every step of the hiring process, you will be responsible for leading your own job search. You will have access to updated job vacancies and receive support through networking events and interview and resume-writing workshops.

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In addition, hiring principals will receive your resume and may even take the opportunity to observe you teaching in your pre-service training classrooms. For the past three years, over 97 percent of Fellows who successfully completed pre-service training have been hired before the first day of school.

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Their hunger for a quality education motivates me daily to be a better teacher. To this day, I still get butterflies whenever I teach because I know how important a child's education is. KIPP teaching fellowships and residencies provide aspiring teachers with the professional development, mentorship, and classroom experience they need before leading a classroom of their own.

Best of 2015: Why is there no teacher shortage in New York City?

Program details vary by location, but the goal is the same: increase the pool of highly-effective teachers applying for lead teaching positions in public schools across the country. Ideal candidates come with varying levels of experience, from novice teachers, to career changers, to recent college graduates.

Fellowship and residency programs exist in select KIPP regions.

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  5. Click on the location below to learn more about these opportunities:. View all Stories. We have to show our kids that we are in their corner. And we have to show them how ridiculously important education is. Your first step will be to create a profile, then you can apply for any role listed. You can apply to multiple regions at once, and you can save an in-progress application to return to it later.

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    After you submit your application online, the remainder of the application process will be handled by the individual KIPP region s to which you applied. If you have any questions about your application status or next steps in the hiring process, please contact the KIPP region directly. To help you prepare to submit your application, please note that we ask the following short answer questions to lead teacher and teaching fellow applicants:. Screen shots are always helpful!

    At KIPP, you never stop learning. Apply Now. Search Search.

    Schools What is a Charter School? Teaching opportunities exist at KIPP!

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    Jerald Wolff, Teacher, KIPP Philadelphia Public Schools A student's brain is like a sponge, and it is our duty as teachers to imprint a positive tattoo on that brain of: joy, curiosity, grit, and love. New Teacher Programs. Teacher Alexis Ivey. Teacher Julian Saavedra.