How do i find my slingbox finder id


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Click Log In to open the login window. Select Slingbox Directory from the Connect menu.

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The Slingbox Directory opens. Click Add. The New Slingbox Entry Properties dialog box opens. Enter the Name of this Slingbox whatever you like. Click OK to add this Slingbox to your directory. A confirmation dialog box appears. Affected Products. SlingPlayer for Windows - Legacy. Affected Countries. United States Canada. Need Help?

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FAQ Get answers to your questions here. Sling Support Videos View our videos for tips and help.

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Contact Us. And yes you may but the rule on top of the list, but that' s not an absolute necessity, and yes, I' m talking about firewall policies. If you have tinkered with routing to get it working I recommend to remove those.

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Thanks, you' ve been most helpful. One last question I hope! When I' m setting up the static nat, am I using the external interface or the internal? And when you talk about putting in the external IP are you talking about my external IP address? I do have several, and have set up 2 VIPs, one for a mail server and one for a web server.

Slingbox M1 and Chromecast

I have 5 static IPs plus an additional IP for the cable modem and have mapped 2 of them. Another of them seems to be assigned to the Fortigate. In other words the scheme is this: xxx.

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Are you talking about. As you can see, I' m still a little confused Your help is much appreciated Well any.

But for setting up a static nat you need a ' free' IP. So you can use. Got it. Sorry to be such a dunce I know the destination ports are Expert Member. The source is the range you specified. Good luck. Much appreciated In a strict sense, you could reuse IP addresses for different devices, as long as the ports are different.

My email and web services from the outside world point to the same address, but hit two different servers once on the inside. If you have limited IPs, this may be your way out.

How to get slingbox finder id?

Strictly you may be right Bob. But there is a difference between static nat and port forwarding. Your solution will work as they are TCP sessions. I looked at the Administrative Guide for my Fortigate 60 as well as the manual for the current version of the OS and couldn' t find anything. What am I missing? I found it in the CLI reference. I' m a little surprised that the gui interface doesn' t include all of the functionality but it is what it is Thanks again, Kenny.

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Jun 2, 0. I need help with the new slingbox app. Apr 10, 2, 89 Ellicott City, MD. The iPhone app even has instructions on how to locate your ID. Applejuiced macrumors Westmere. Apr 16, 40, 6, At the iPhone hacks section. Its usually your email address. Applejuiced said:.

Slingbox Finder and your Slingbox ID

You get it at slingmedia. Do you even have a Slingbox? Sure doesn't sound like it. I don't think you can configure a Slingbox without desktop software first. Just follow the instructions that came with the device. Jan 1, You're right. I've never had slingbox.