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For some reason, there might also be Protectrons roaming around the Wasteland, so lay into them when you encounter them as well and search their metallic bodies for laser ammunition once slain.

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If you happen to run into a Super Mutant, you're lucky, because their easy experience is welcome right now. Running into one of them is guaranteed, though -- they don't often roam on the western edge of the Wasteland. Now, we'll tell you a bit about the daunting new enemy you're likely to run into. These foes are called Mr. Gutsy, and from what we can tell, these robots are American Army leftovers that still manage to function and roam the Wasteland looking for communist enemies that don't seem to exist anymore.

So, when you run into them, they'll turn their red ire on you instead.

Creating Custom Weapons - Fallout 3 Guide

Gutsy isn't an agile floating robot, but he packs a whallop, with a flamethrower and laser gun able to easily devastate unsuspecting victims. They can also take an intense amount of damage before they are felled, but luckily the experience points make it all worth it.

Also making it worth it are the items the two we encountered were guarding. The first one you'll likely encounter near a downed army truck contains some Cigarettes , as well as two Fission Batteries , and plenty of 5. Fallout 3 Wiki Guide Table of Contents.

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Was this guide helpful? You won't have to get to all the schematics for each of the seven weapons, but the more you collect the better the quality of the weapon is going to be. I would recommend having at least two schematics before proceeding with the assembling. In order to begin the process you must locate a workbench. This usually means visiting a merchant Moira for example or a laboratory.

Also, you must make sure that you have all the ingredents, because otherwise you wouldn't be able to make a gun.

Topic [ALL] Tous les codes ! - Page 2

The following chart display the names and ingredents required to create all seven custom weapons. You'll also find out how many schematics there are for each gun. Second schematic: Wounded deathclaw random encounter - check the body of the monster. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides.

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Big Zimm 80, 15 Nov 22 Mar 22 Mar For the achievement you need to build one of each custom weapon. To do this you need schematics for each weapon, the items required to build each weapon and a work bench to put it all together. The fastest way to pick up each schematic are listed below.

Workbenches can be found all over the wasteland, an easy location is the workbench in rivet city near Flank and Shrapnel's weapon shop. All items needed to build the weapons can be found by scouring the wasteland. Here are a few items I had a hard time finding. On the top floor of the building he snipes from is a mattress, and located behind that mattress in the corner is a crutch.

Step 1: Collect Tools and Materials

It's on the stove in the kitchen. They are also located in all public buildings. There is a perk which gives you all the schematic's, tier 3. This way you can save before you get this perk, and then unlock the perk go to your house make everything you can, and then go around to every trader your aware of and buy what you don't have. Afterwards reload your old save and chose a better perk.